Supportive Doula Services
Margie Levy, Certified Doula
Serving the Greater Los Angeles Area since 2002

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*Please provide your due date, name of your care provider, where you plan to give birth, and the area in which you live. 

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My fees are based on my level of experience, extra curricular training, and low booking schedule (1-3 clients max per month depending on their dates and the number of first time birthing families). A deposit of half the fee is required with my contract to reserve my services. The balance is due at 36 weeks of pregnancy. 

Full Service Package:  $3400
The full fee for the services described on this website includes everything listed for first-time parents, or those seeking a first vaginal birth after cesarean.  This package includes placenta encapsulation should you want that service. This package offers the greatest convenience.

Multip Package:  $2700
"Multip" is an abbreviated term for "multiple," which means a woman who has had one or more vaginal births prior to this pregnancy.  These women are familiar with vaginal birth and usually have much faster births.  This includes all services described on this website and placenta encapsulation if desired.  This package offers the greatest convenience for women who have already experienced a vaginal birth.

Exclusivity Package:  $5500
If available, I book no other clients for 3 weeks before or after your due date. This practically insures that there will be no overlap of birthing clients. This package includes all the services described in the previous packages. Exclusivity packages can be negotiated for a longer or shorter periods to meet your needs.

Available Discounts:

$300 - Direct referrals not coming through an agency or referral service. So, if you found me through my website, web search, friend, family member or doctor, you can use this discount.

$200 - Prenatal visits conducted in my home or within 3 miles of my home in 91406.  

$200 - Prenatal visits conducted Monday through Friday between the hours of 11am and finished by 4:30pm.

Discounts are not available for Exclusivity Packages.

Repeat clients: Whatever you paid the first time. Repeat clients can always call me to discuss fees if necessary.

​*Looking for a low cost doula? Trained doulas working toward certification or in need of greater experience offer their services for lower fees. You can contact DONA for a list of doulas working toward certification.

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